bathroom renovation in bloomington il

What To Do First In A Bathroom Remodel

So many choices when it comes to doing a remodeling project.  When we look at a remodeling project we start to think outside the box and really dream of what possibilities are available to us.  For those considering a bathroom renovation in bloomington il, here are some tips many have used in the past.

What is used most?

What part of your bathroom is used most?  Are you using the toilet, taking a lot of baths or do you just jump into the shower and get out?  When doing a remodel consider where you are going to spend most of your time and put the money into that to make it as comfortable and inviting as possible.

What is your view

bathroom renovation in bloomington il

When you are using your bathroom what are you looking at the most?  Do you look at the floor while handling your business?  What about a mirror doing your makeup?  What about the shower, do you stand there for a good hour letting the hot water roll all over your body?

When designing your bathroom consider your view.  You want to make it interesting and relaxing.  Don’t have a photo of your grandma on the wall while doing your business.  Have a nice photo or painting on the wall; maybe a flower arrangement that you change out on a regular basis.  No matter what it is, make sure it is something that relaxes you and makes you want to spend your time there.

Is it your bathroom or a guest bathroom?

Before investing your money into a remodel, make sure it is a room that deserves the investment.  If you are working on a guest bathroom that will almost never see the light of day, then don’t put a lot of money into it.  You will want to invest in your own bathroom and your own space.  You are the one spending the money, you should be the one that gets the most out of it.